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1x 12" Driver + 1.4" Horn - 1050 Watts Program

SFM24 Stage Monitor

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  • 1x 12" Driver + 1.4" Horn - 1050 Watts Program

    The Acoustic Technologies SFM24 is a purpose engineered, low profile 2-way Stage Foldback Monitor system intended for high-end live production applications. The SFM24 features advanced transducer technology combined with the latest in computer aided design to deliver outstanding performance from a surprisingly compact enclosure.

    The SFM24 employs a highly efficient 12” Neodymium L.F. transducer and a 1.4" exit Neodymium H.F. compression driver coupled to a custom engineered asymmetrical waveguide, providing superior coverage with exceptional gain before feedback. SFM24 cabinets are available as mirror-imaged pairs or can easily be re-configured by the user as required.

    The SFM24 changeover switch allows operation in passive mode using the sophisticated built-in dividing network, or bi-amp mode using the factory recommended Loudspeaker Management System settings. Connection Panels with dual Speakon Connectors are located on each end of the cabinet.

    The extensively braced cabinet is constructed from premium grade void free Finnish Birch ply using precision CNC machining. Durable AcoustiCoate elastomer coating and a powder coated perforated steel grille complete the package.

    The SFM24 is the speaker system of choice for any professional stage monitoring application requiring high performance from a compact lightweight enclosure.