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2x 15" Sub Bass Driver - 1600 Watts Program

SB03 Subwoofer

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  • 2x 15" Sub Bass Driver - 1600 Watts Program

    The Acoustic Technologies SB03 loudspeaker enclosure refines and perfects what has always been an industry standard: The Double 15" Sub Bass Cabinet. This style of loudspeaker enclosure provides tight, punchy, highly defined bass, ideal for the high impact music of today.

    The SB03 employs two 800 Watt 15" transducers specifically designed for sub bass applications. The extended length voice coil and finely engineered suspension system provides exceptional performance under high level, high excursion signal conditions, allowing the SB03 to provide a full power response to a low 45Hz, free from any colouration or distortion caused by over excursion or cone breakup. The SB03 features totally separate chambers and ports for each loudspeaker, ensuring optimal loading free from any interaction with the other driver.

    The SB03 is a remarkably compact and easily transported loudspeaker enclosure making it ideal for Live Music Applications, Mobile DJ's, Karaoke Artists, and Audio-Visual Presentations. The SB03 also finds ready acceptance in pro-audio installations and can be found in Night Clubs,Touring Concert Systems, Cinemas and Houses of Worship.

    The SB03 is available with many finish and hardware options making for a truly versatile and professional sub bass loudspeaker cabinet.